Beginning Laser Cutting

I began laser cutting in the 12th grade...

I immediately fell in love with the laser cutting machine we had in the design/ tech room of Inglemoor High School. These are a couple projects I did, aside from the ALS HID and Third Arm, which have some merit. They led to future projects which I believe, holding back my humility, to demonstrate excellent craftsmanship. 

Periodic Table of Elements Puzzle

Before winter break, our IB Design & Technology class was given a project with the specifications of making a toy/ gift that had some educational purpose. I decided to make a beautifully manufactured periodic table of elements puzzle for my sophomore Pre-IB Chem/ Bio teacher Mr. Emery. I made it custom for him - it had his name on top. 

Unfortunately I was too rushed to take any pictures, but I have a few from my phone of a few science olympiad students playing with it and it being put together. 

Custom Coffee Cup Sleeve 

I wanted to make a special gift for a friend. I decided I would use all the resources and talent I had to make something... good. Initially, I was going to make custom coffee cup sleeves out of a cardboard-like material that I could make frequently, then I tried working with leather. I never actually came up with a finished product, but I have several working prototypes. The reason I ended the project was because I actually had other priorities, and I haven't gotten back to it. I was able to make prototypes for others, from design to finish within ten minutes! Here are a few pictures below.  

NOTE: This led to the wooden coffee cup sleeve (opposed to leather/ other materials). Documentation coming soon. 
Anand Sekar