English 111: Composition

Overall, I LOVED English 111: Composition with professor Navid Ebrahimzadeh. 

My English Portfolio can be viewed here

Notes on the English portfolio: It's a metacognitive analysis of my work throughout the quarter. The portfolio analysis itself is not graded on style or grammatical errors; since it was done last-minute due to 18 credits and hectic finals, it may have a few repeated words here or there. It's a portfolio-based class, and I earned a 4.0. 

Final Paper

Note on the final paper (8/16/19): I read this blog post called Meditations on Moloch, and it contains, I believe, a far more accurate and in-depth analysis of the poem. I just finished reading 1984 by George Orwell, making that post far more relatable.

In this class, sometimes a discussed topic or idea would take hold of me. We were discussing Paul Auster's meta-mystery "City of Glass." Reading responses are due everyday, and are only required to be one page long, double-spaced (a couple paragraphs). After being introduced to the character structure, drawn as a hermeneutic diagram, I went back home and connected the characters to the environment, and made a few more hermeneutic diagrams. The next day I had a reading response that was a few pages long, and I drew my diagrams up on the whiteboard and somehow connected these ideas to transcendentalism and the Self. It initiated a revealing discussion. I've embedded that response below and linked it here. I mention this response in my metacognitive analysis in my portfolio somewhere. 

Anand SekarENGL 111