IDEA Internship 2016

Background from Mr. Weirusz: 

"For the past few years, I've used the summer as an opportunity to keep my skills fresh by spending time at various design/engineering companies (including McKinstry, Artefact, NAC Architecture - see video).  These have been priceless experiences.  For most of these "Educator in Residence" opportunities I've also been able to bring a few students along too.  As a team, we all learn invaluable lessons and I get to return to school the following fall with a myriad of techniques and content to curate an even greater immersive learning experience in the classroom."


  • Goal: Provide students a summer opportunity to experience real world projects in the workplace. 
  • Projects: 
    • #1: VR + Accessibility 
    • #2 School-Life App
  • Timeline: 1-22 July 2016
  • Location: UI Evolution and UW Oceanography 
  • Support: IDEO, Google EDU, Pensar, and Stanford 



Virtual Reality

The eight slides below involve what the IB Design & Technology room at IHS have done through the 2015-16 year (not just the internship). You can see me in the Design Thinking slide "relaxing" in a wheelchair - this was me practicing what I call "wheelchair empathy" (blog post coming soon) to begin finding and specifying problems. The website for the classroom can be found at  

A fellow student, IDEA Internship member, and aspiring industrial design major, Griffin Cheslow (pictured below with the VR stuff) was born without his left hand. The HTC Vive, currently, entails two tracked controllers - one for each hand. Unfortunately, there are no accessibility features on the market to enable someone like Griffin to fully experience the Vive as many others do. For example, without the controller, one cannot use their palette in Google TiltBrush or another set of shields/ weapons in Space Pirate Trainer. I'm certain there is something lost in every single Vive application without the use of a controller. We set out to solve this issue. 

This project eventually lead me to expand upon/ apply my Universal HID project to this scenario. A blog post about that will be coming soon. 


Ordered chronologically/ through the stages of development 

Footage of results on the last slide image