thoughts on the education system

just something i wrote in five minutes

In school, or for that matter, for any task that I've done, I would try to kill multiple birds with one stone - I would do a project/ pick a topic that could utilize skills/ knowledge from the past or do a project that could be used for assignments for multiple classes. For example - I took my physics IA and made it into a robotics project to keep working on it. One of my photography projects involved circuits. In any case, not only was this efficient, but it made me feel like I was truly doing something worthwhile with my education at the moment. Most people would rule out parts of their education - saying "when would I ever use the quadratic formula?" Although some of their points may be valid, I feel that the more I combine different parts of my education into an application, the better I feel about my education. Perhaps if there was some sort of integration/ collaboration between different subjects - projects that connected classes from different parts of a student's schedule - the education system might lead to better things. It doesn't necessarily have to be a well-rounded education: such collaboration can be for whatever application the student desires.

One thing I've noticed about application is that sometimes you might not have all the knowledge and expertise to make something truly "good". Remember the motivations of market pull and technology push? Well, there are personal "push" and "pull" motivations. (In general, I've noticed that it's better to have a balance of "push" and "pull." Push is when you have the resources to do something so you do it, and pull is when you need to do something but don't have the resources to do it yet. This balance achieves "flow" by the definition of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi as both high skill level and high challenge (skill being the resources and challenge being what you need to do). Application in education is the thing you need to do, and lectures/ teaching/ learning are the means of getting the resources. Sometimes I feel like students are being "pushed" too much instead of "pulling" themselves. With more application and less resources, this is where mentors come in and guide you to new places. I love the concept of application and mentorship, but other students may not - which is why there should be a balance in the system. About stress, I know that being pushed (by teachers, grades, peers, parents) and pulling oneself (doing your own project that you're passionate about) involves two different types of stresses. And from what I know about types of stresses, is that they should all be - again - balanced. The system has way too much push and push-type stress.

In one sentence: There isn't enough "pull" and cross-subject collaboration for application in our system, leaving it unbalanced.