Some more thoughts

Still haven't had time to update the website completely. I'm planning on finishing a first draft of my portfolio for IBDT over the weekend. To build upon BODY and SOUL, I should definitely add links to things I'm looking at e.g. workout plans. SOUL should involve books and music. Although one could place those items under the category of MIND, MIND is purely academic and professional, while SOUL is more of my social life/ well-being/ spiritual/ fun side. I also need to open up an art portfolio because I'm making some works I'm pretty proud of. Here's a wallpaper I made using some photography techniques over the weekend. 

Anyways, I just took the IB Physics HL Paper 1 & 2, and I think I did fairly well. I'm going to be at a photography contest all day tomorrow. Hold up, this information should go in the logs instead, not in VOID. All in all, I'll update when I can. Later!

Anand Sekar