As of April 23rd 2016, this entire website is just a prototype. I've completed the WSSEF (Washington State Science and Engineering Fair) for my project in creating a human interface device for motor neuron disease patients with my friend Gokul Gowri. I worked on all the research and development of everything embedded systems, and Gokul developed a theoretical application of the device (a passive biometric that would measure muscle degeneration by monitoring movement). 

I'll put this large project into its own page in my portfolio, once I get some time to develop it further. I'll be quite busy with preparing for final testing (I'm updating the website prototype for procrastination), wrapping up my senior year at Inglemoor High School, and planning out my years at UW. Most likely, this website will be relatively finished by the end of the school year, while I begin applying for a job for the summer. 

By the way the tests I'm taking are: 

IB Physics HL
IB Mathematics HL
IB Design & Technology SL

Today I got first place at Technobowl - a jeopardy-style STEM-focused competition - at UW hosted by the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME). There were seven teams of four members each. I got a raspberry pi, which is pretty neat given that I'm interested in computer engineering. Then I got a tour of the CSE department - where I will practically live for the next four years - during the coinciding engineering exploration day. 

Anyways, there are a TON of awesome things about me, the things I've done, the things I've made, and the things I aspire to do. I'll come back to this website after all the chaos of studying is over - or, I might update it a little bit everyday. We'll see how it goes. 

MINDAnand Sekar