My summer has just begun and I have several things planned. For the MIND, I have an internship and a job (at least).

The job is quite simple - I'll be teaching elementary students robotics from a curriculum created by Fed Polyanskiy and I. It's 5 weeks: week of  June 20, June 27, July 25, Aug 1 and Aug 8. It pays like $18 and hour, so I'm getting some good money for it. 

The internship is what I'm most interested in. It's from my Design & Technology teacher Mr. Wiersuz, who created IDEA - Inglemoor Design Engineering & Architecture. It's a team of students looking to do challenges in the future, such as the MIT Lemelson InvenTeam grant. There are two projects going on from July 1st to 22nd. 

1. The VR Accessibility project: We will be making it easier for physically disabled persons to interact with virtual reality interfaces such as the HTC Vive - which requires two hands for two controllers. For my experience in getting movement input from disabled persons, seeALS HID. 

2. The Student App - An app that can solve the stress of students by connecting them with teachers and helping them generate a schedule. For my experiencing in making a functioning prototype of a task-based, auto-scheduling program designed for teachers and students, see ATCO. 

I would happily do this internship even if it wasn't paid, however, knowing that I need to support my family, I feel much better about sacrificing a job given that there's a small stipend of approximately $10/hr. 

Moreover, there are always the extracurricular projects (inverted pendulum robot, biomimetic security system) and online courses I can further educate myself with. I have plenty of books I wish to complete. This should go smoothly *knocks on wood* .

MINDAnand Sekar