Well, I still need to figure out how I'm going to structure this. 

FACT: for a few months now, I've been able to wake myself up exactly when I want within certain limits (I have to get at least 4 hours of sleep NIGHTLY (does not apply during the day) and I cannot get more than 9 hours of sleep unless I'm extremely tired). On days I wish to get up at 4 AM, if I go to sleep before 11 PM, I get up at 3:57 AM. I woke myself up from a one hour nap today, exactly at 7 PM. Funny thing is, this human alarm clock system works better if I set the alarm clock off and make the commitment to myself to wake up on time. 

I have also been experimenting with morning schedules. Time management has been difficult as of late, which is why I should plan out my study schedule before going to sleep today and wake up right tomorrow morning. Last week, I think Tuesday, I successfully completed this schedule: 

4AM - Wake up
4 - 4:05 AM - Brief prayer and meditation
4:05 - 4:10 AM - Facial and dental hygiene (e.g. brushing and shaving)
4:10 - 4:40 AM - Morning yoga
4:40 - 4:50 AM - 1 mile run (I ran for approximately eight minutes while jogging/ running on a weak IT band, not terrible)
4:50 - 5:00 AM - Stretch & roll (post-run workout. I ended up  skipping this and did my pull-ups instead - 45 total split into five sets)
5:00 - 5:20 AM - Shower & get ready (I'm taking only cold showers now, and I've noticed the benefits)
5:20 - 5:40 AM - Breakfast (eating only grape nuts at this point, getting that iron)
5:40 - 6:20 AM - Task (when I did this, my task was to organize my school stuff, which I did successfully) 
6:20 - 6:30 AM - Pack up school stuff, gym stuff, and food
6:30 AM - leave home. 

Then school starts and everything else happens. It's difficult to sleep before eight, so I'm working on that. I'm planning to have an afternoon routine as soon as I return from school - to make sure I don't get distracted by other things and stay on schedule. I might just have it be the same as my morning schedule, except with PM instead of AM. However, two hours in the evening is far different from two hours in the morning, so I can easily cut things from my morning schedule and have it be similar. When I start going to the gym, I might just eliminate the afternoon routine entirely, and just have meditation. I should also establish a before-sleep schedule, which works well with finishing up house chores, but has a huge impact to my sleep schedule since it's relative to when I decide to go to sleep. Perhaps I should focus more on my night schedule than my morning schedule. We'll see. Anyways, my plan is to keep working on these routines until I get the itch for core exercises again. Yeah, I used to have a burning itch for doing push-ups, pull-ups, and sit-ups during the fall of junior year - all influenced by stress. Since I let go of that kind of stress, and developed my own motivation, I've had to restart the habit. I already have the itch to do pull-ups, because they're easy for me. But I need to develop that same desire for push-ups and core workouts. My core is super weak right now. I could go on and on about this, but I should wrap up the next page of the site and figure everything else out. Peace. 

BODYAnand Sekar