Alright, so it's past midnight and I'm planning to get up at four tomorrow. That means I'm going to get less than four hours of sleep tonight if I'm able to follow my plans. Yeah now it's about less than three hours. Anyways, let's try to make a plan for tomorrow and upcoming days. I'm sick of planning to plan to plan. 

Workout Plan will involves these components: (IT'S 1:30 WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME)

  • 30-day core workout program 
  • Daily ITB Rehab
  • Daily yoga  - I've given myself the freedom of choosing any yoga routine any time of the day. My hope is to do yoga in the mornings and academically learn about yoga so that I'm able to do it myself (without instruction). 
  • Daily Bodyweight App (push-ups and pull-ups). These worked wonders a couple summers ago. These apps are extremely simple, therefore, they are also easy to get addicted to. Nothing but pull-ups and push-ups alternating daily. 
  • Daily Minimum Mile - at least one mile of running to maintain basic form. Preferably in the morning. 
  • The rest of my workout will come from whenever I go to the gym to workout with friends and other cardio (biking, sports). 

I'll create a page for my summer physical development. It's too late, I'll update the rest of the pages tomorrow. 

BODYAnand Sekar