September 8th, 2016 UPDATE

The development of this website has been really slow, yet periodic. Every now and then I get a burst of motivation or reason to update the website, then leave it. That ends today - because I think I finally have a good structure for constant development. 

One Thing: 

I changed the name of the blog component from ABYSS to VOID. Why? Because ABYSS sounds weird, and VOID captures a second meaning that ABYSS doesn't - meaninglessness and insignificance. The whole point of the blog was to express thoughts/ material that had no place to be on the website, while I was building the website. Therefore my intention with this "blog" is to make sure it has as little significance as possible (the opposite of most blogs' intentions). 

Another Thing:

Squarespace's blog design has two ways of organization: tags, and categories. I have categories for MIND, BODY, and SOUL. I'm going to split the blog up into two different blogs: posts composed of frequently/ daily updates, and posts that are subject/ event-based. Then in the content summaries on each MIND/BODY/SOUL page, I'll have one for each type. That way, subject/ event-based posts (which are more important) will be shown at the top, and frequency-based posts will be shown at the bottom. This way, the information about me is prioritized in expression. 

Stay tuned for updates. JK, actually don't because this is VOID. 



Anand Sekar