The Beginning

A few days ago, I graduated high school - bringing an end to twelve years of basic education and a beginning to my higher development. Looking at my barren Google Keep, my Outlook email, and my Google Inbox, it's apparent that I have done absolutely nothing over the past few days. I have mindfully descended into a lulling, addicting sea of hedonistic languor - with waves of a periodic nature as repetitive as the sine curve itself. Well, not that repetitive. I've been itching to break the cycle and here I am; I feel as if the cycle is already broken. I excused such relaxation, deeming it to be commensurate with the work I've done over the past twelve years. But as my brother said, the world doesn't stop when I do. My UW A&O session is only a few days away and don't know what classes I want to take. My room is a mess, and so is the rest of the house. I've lost my new laptop's charger and mouse somewhere (hopefully somewhere inside the house). I lost my phone over the last couple days, and retrieved it today under my mountainous pile of clean clothes. It's time to get everything back together. I'll start with updating each of the three pages with something; then I have to plan for tomorrow. 

SOULAnand Sekar